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The National Debt Register of the Economic Information Bureau has published a report showing that as many as 61% of bank debtors are men. Their average arrears amount to 62.1 thous. PLN, while the average arrears of women is 57.7 thous. zł.

According to data published by the database, both women and men borrow loans from loan companies. Women, however, have greater arrears there, which amount to an average of 4.5 thousand. PLN (about half a thousand more than the amount of men’s debt). Among men indebted in banks, men predominate – they constitute 61% of all debtors.

What are we borrowing for?

What are we borrowing for?

Women usually take loans to buy new furniture and accessories for the apartment, as well as for unexpected expenses and paying for current needs. As the President of the Management Board of the National Debt Register of the Economic Information Bureau notes, Adamson Lucky “There are also spontaneous purchases: a loan of 5,000. gold on trousers and a bag signed with the logo of a well-known designer. “

Men lend large amounts to banks – to buy a flat or a car. “In loan companies, they take loans for whims: expensive home cinema or a new smartphone model. More and more men also lend to buy a motorcycle, and then motorcycle accessories, “emphasizes Łącki.

The report also reveals that loan companies more and more often provide loans for high amounts with extended repayment time, thus taking over some of the clients from banks.

Who lends?

Who lends?

The database analysis shows that residents of larger cities are more likely to take out loans at banks. People living in small towns and villages more willingly sign financial obligations with loan companies. Most people who default on repayment of liabilities live in Mazowsze, Upper and Lower Silesia and Wielkopolska.

Interesting conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of the debtors’ age. In the case of bank debtors, every second person falls into the 36-55 age group, and every third person is more than 56 years old. Debtors of loan companies are definitely younger – as many as 37% of all delaying repayments are from 18 to 35 years old. With each subsequent year, the number of indebted in loan companies is getting smaller.

The database report also records the case of the debtor of a loan company, which is in arrears with the repayment of PLN 1,300, but at the same time has debts from twenty other creditors, and the total amount of arrears in relation to these entities is about 150,000. zł.